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Summer Tie Dye Family Fun

This is a summertime favorite at our house, turning anything old or new into a tie-dye creation! We aren’t professionals by any means and each time we tie-dye, we learn something new. There is definitely something so exciting about opening up your creation with anticipation and surprise. This year we watched a couple videos on YouTube to help us get a better spiral effect, which is what Leo (7) was really excited about creating. Lily (9) found a cool video on how to create a tie-dye effect that looks like rain falling. If you’ve never given tie-dying a try, here are some tips and videos to help inspire your tie-dying adventure!


  • Something made of cotton to tie-dye
  • Rit Dye
  • Plastic squeeze bottles to put your dye into
  • Rubber bands or string
  • a plastic bag to put your creation in once done to sit for a couple days

How To Steps:

  • First, slightly dampen your shirt (or whatever you choose to tie-dye), then tie up or fold it- we’ve included some links to video ideas for this below. My kids like creating bulls-eye patterns, spirals and an accordion pattern – sometimes they just drop the dye and tie up the shirt in a unique way and see what happens!
  • Next, put about a teaspoon or more of the Rit dye into your squeeze bottle, fill with water and give a little shake.
  • Then find a spot to work, I like putting a tray under the kids shirts to catch the excess liquid, and then squeeze your color onto your shirt.
  • Once finished, put your shirt into a plastic bag to sit for at least two days
  • After the two days, rinse your shirt in cold water, squeeze out and hang to dry
  • Remember not to wash your shirts with other clothes in the beginning because the dye may still run!

Have Fun!

Here’s a link for how to fold your t-shirts to create the spiral effect. We were very happy with how our spiral’s turned out!

This is also another great post on for how to fold shirts and tie-dye with Indigo.

If you’re looking to add a little history to your tie-dying fun, below is a clip that describes the 1,500-year-old Art of Chinese Tie-dying:

Hope you’re all Enjoying the last few weeks of Summer in a Special Way!