We are so glad you found us and Welcome you to join our family as we travel through life’s adventures and discover new routes together!

About us:

Mike is a self- employed General Contractor, an outdoors-man, a carpenter, a runner, and a hands-on dad who loves his kids, traveling and creating new things.

Adriana is a retired documentary film producer, full-time mom who loves her children, gardening, cooking, crafting, traveling and a simpler lifestyle that incorporates a slower pace.  

We have rediscovered our routes through striving to live simpler, traveling in our travel trailer and being a full time family.   We hope to inspire you to rediscover yours! Join us on this journey as we navigate life as a family of six, home-school, travel in our camper, care for the environment, and practice living in a better way.  

The more, the merrier. Be the Route!

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. I look forward to my virtual travel with all of you! I treasure the times we share together. My favorite saying is: “Families are forever!” ~ Cousin Laura

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