We are so glad you found us and Welcome you to join our family as we travel through life’s adventures and discover new routes together!

About us:

Mike is a self- employed General Contractor, an outdoors-man, a carpenter, a runner, and a hands-on dad who loves his kids, traveling and creating new things.

Adriana is a retired documentary film producer, full-time mom who loves her children, gardening, cooking, crafting, traveling and a simpler lifestyle that incorporates a slower pace.  

We have four beautiful children.  Our home base is in Western Massachusetts and our reason for adding another wonderful blog to the internet is because we humbly feel we have something genuine to offer to help make the world and maybe your life a little better.  

We have rediscovered our routes through striving to live simpler, traveling in our travel trailer and being a full time family.   We hope to inspire you to rediscover yours! Join us on this journey as we navigate life as a family of six, home-school, travel in our camper, care for the environment, and practice living in a better way.  

The more, the merrier. Be the Route!

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. I look forward to my virtual travel with all of you! I treasure the times we share together. My favorite saying is: “Families are forever!” ~ Cousin Laura

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