Here are some recent fun hands-on home projects the kids, Adriana, and I have worked on.


April 2020

This series of pictures shows Lily and I working on her long anticipated Doll House. She had made a model out of cardboard and done such a great job building her own furniture and decorating the inside as well as the outside; she really inspired us to go to the next level.

Day 1

We started with a 2ft long layout ruler I have, and pencil marked all the locations, using the layout to quickly transfer lines and locations across sheets of ply and from one sheet to another, noting locations for windows, doors, porch roof, and interior second floor. I cut out the windows and doors with a jig saw, made 45 degree cuts in the 3/4 plywood at corners for clean intersection of walls, and secured the walls to a base with screws from below (counter sunk), w/ corner cabinet brackets on the interior to hold walls together. Lily got to painting the first coat of paint.

Day 2

We used the off-cuts from the corner cuts to create the steps, glued to scrap hardwood flooring as the stair stringers, and landings. I routed out a groove for the second floor to slide into the slots. And Lily painted all the exterior a nice shade of pale green she picked from our leftover paint supply. Then I ripped some slices out of scrap, pre-rabetted cabinet plywood to create the small flower boxes. I was sure to be very cautious with the table saw. I also made Lily wear safety gear when ever she was around the tools. We wear ear protection, eye protection, gloves, and dust masks when cutting. Safety is very important.