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Fun Summer Reads for 9-13 Year Olds, by Ava (12)

Here are some fun summer stories I have enjoyed reading, 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass, Unplugged by Gordon Korman, Flush by Carl Hiaasen, Summer at Forsaken Lake by Michael D. Beil and The Candymakers by Wendy Mass. Happy reading!!

11 Birthdays is the first book in the Willow Falls series. The main character is a girl named Amanda. Amanda shares the same birthday with her best friend, Leo. Every year since they were born they’ve celebrated their birthday together. But this year’s different, they are each having separate parties and Amanda hasn’t spoken to Leo for a year. But then something absolutely crazy happens: Amanda’s birthday starts repeating itself. What’s happening? And can she find a way to fix it?

This is a great book if you are looking for some laughs, an awesome friendship and a little magic.

Unplugged is a book about a spoiled son of a billionaire, his name is Jett Baranov. Jett’s always gotten everything he’s always wanted. But then his dad’s private jet drops him in the middle of some forest in Arkansas, in a nature camp called the Oasis. He is forced to hand over his most prized possession, his cellphone, then eat disgusting vegetables, and join in on a bunch of boring wholesome activities with kids he doesn’t want to hangout with. As the weeks go by Jett actually starts to enjoy being with some of the kids, especially when he and three others find a baby lizard pet that they name Needles. Jett realizes there is something fishy going on with the adults at the Oasis. How can he prove to his ‘friends’ that he’s not just some stuck up brat and figure out what’s up with the adults before it’s to late.

Flush is a story about a boy named Noah. Noah’s dad is positive that the owner of the Coral Queen, a local casino boat, is dumping sewage into the water. But there is no proof. Well, other than that going for a swim at the beach nearby is like diving into a toilet that someone forgot to flush! So, Noah’s dad decides that sinking the boat is the best idea. He was wrong. In a few days the Coral Queen is back in business, and Noah’s dad is in jail. So it’s up to Noah to find proof and stop the casino boat from dumping stuff illegally into the ocean…..if he can. Along the way he gets-to-know some interesting people-Shelly, a bartender on the Coral Queen and a pretty tough lady; Noahs younger sister, Abby, who is filled with trouble; and a mysterious old looking pirate. Noah has to come up with a plan to stop the crooked Coral Queen once and for all.

Summer at Forsaken Lake is a really fun story.  Three city-kids, Nicholas and his twin sisters are going to stay with their Great Uncle Nick for the summer, while their Dad goes to Africa for Doctors Without Borders. The summer starts off great, Nickolas learns how to sail, he finds out about his dad when he was a kid, and Nickolas makes friends with a local girl named Charlie. But then he finds an old movie his Dad made about a legend called The Seaweed Strangler, but his Dad never finished it. Nickolas and Charlie decide to finish the movie and along the way they find out some surprising things about the past.

The Candymakers is a book about four unusual kids who are picked to come to the Life is Sweet chocolate factory, owned by the candymaker and his wife, to create their own type of candy. The fist kid is Logan, the candymakers son. He’s been around candy his whole life. The second is Philip a boy who wears a suit and tie and rides in a limo. The third is Daisy a smart cheerful girl who likes to read out loud to herself. Last of all is Miles who is allergic to weird things. This is a fun, mysterious, and friendship-filled book with a lot of candy mixed in.

Have a fun filled summer!!!


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