The Great Reset

“Finally I saw that worrying had come to nothing. 
And gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, 
and sang.”
—I Worried, Mary Oliver

I think the world on a global scale is asking us all to pause and reset; to let go of worry, to have faith and to believe that a change is going to come. What else is there to make of this pandemic that has caused countries, economies and people to come to a complete stop. The earth needs a reset on many levels. We as humans need it too. It is a time to look inward and reassess not only who we are, but who we want to be and what we want our future to look like. This time is an opportunity to ask ourselves to think about what we truly consider essential; is it food, jobs, financial stability, our environment, our families our lives? This time, can be a time of great transformation – for us as individuals, for our children, for our earth and climate, for corporations, for humanity as a whole.

We have been asked to slow down our pace and with it, Change is happening. It’s no surprise that during this time of shut down that scientists have shown pollution on a global scale has decreased. As individuals and as citizens of the world, how can we maintain this and maybe change the way we do things to continue with this momentum? Families are spending more time together, people are making their own meals, Americans are looking at their finances and having to make honest decisions about how they spend their time and money.

“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, it’s unlikely you will step up and take responsibility for making it so. If you assume that there’s no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, there are opportunities to change things, there’s a chance you may contribute to making a better world. The choice is yours.” 
― Noam Chomsky

In this time of great transformation Americans are taking to the streets demanding equal rights and justice for all. They are possibly less distracted with the daily grind and moving beyond the role of active spectators and becoming participants in action. They are asking that we take a look at ourselves and take part in redefining our culture and our world. It is a movement that has sparked peaceful protests all over the world. I have a renewed faith in my fellow Americans seeing more people get involved in upholding the words in the Declaration of Independence that claim “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.” We all have a role to play in our future. Often we are bogged down by the everyday happenings of life and maybe we feel we can’t get involved and actually make our voices heard. Change starts from within and each and every action you take is a political one, from the food you eat to how you raise your children, to the choices you make everyday in how you carry yourself and your actions as an individual. What we do each day has a larger global impact.

We are all in this together. We are going through trying times, but these times are going to make us all stronger as individuals, as families and as a global world. Human beings are resilient. We have stood the test of time and evolved with the changes that have shaped who we are today. We continue to strive for a better world on many levels. A world that will make us all a little stronger. During these challenging times, remember your own resilience, your power to create change and joy in this world. We all have a role to play that is immeasurable.

Without Struggle there is no progress.”

Frederick Douglas

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