When the storm clouds cover the sun. Remember: “Life is Good.” And let your light shine.

In the picture above the pineapple symbolizes welcoming. Welcome the breath of life. Take five deep breaths. Hold the good in -the star fish symbolize the life of the oceans, and the vastness of the constellations, count to 10, breath out the pain, the worry, the stress. Breathe in, hold. Picture the healing power of the cosmos flowing in-rainbow and sunrise colors. Breathe out, release the bad, push out all that is not empowering. Breathe in the good. Be one with the healing power of the greatness of life. 5 deep breaths are good. More are better. Breathe.

And remember, if you have fresh bread baked, the breathing experience is even better.

And breathing exercises strengthen your lungs. Lung exercise is good for the body to resist the virus.


Deep breathing helps feel better, be better, and be good. Life is Good. Breathe.

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