Adriana, Home School

Egg Heads!

The house is full of giggles whenever we make egg heads! This is a simple and fun craft for any age.

What you need:

  1. Egg Shells: Try to only break off the top and leave as much egg shell as possible. Clean the egg shell out and put back in the egg carton.
  2. Make some Egg Head Faces using marker and google eyes if you have them
  3. Dirt or cotton ball: dampen a cotton ball and put it in the egg shell or add moistened dirt
  4. Seeds: We used wheat berries and chia seeds, grass seeds work too (they all will continue to grow so if you like, you can give your egg head a haircut)! Sprinkle the seeds on top of the cotton ball or dirt and keep moist, but don’t over water. Place in a sunny spot.
  5. In a couple days your Egg Heads should start to grow some hair!

Have Fun! Happy Spring!

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